gardening ideas

9 gardening ideas you need to try today

1.Recycle for pots and containers

Even if you own plenty of gardening space, you may fancy having some containers to use for starting seedlings or for having some tender plants close to the house for easy pickings.

Seedlings can be started in containers made out of newspaper. These are strong enough to get things going but get weak after a couple of weeks. Excellent if you intend to pop them into the ground but not so excellent if you want to hold them over for various weeks, while the soil warms up.

You can easily make pots out of plastic containers, vitamin pill bottles, juice bottles, milk bottles.

Be certain and completely clean and disinfect the containers before using them. Nonwaterproof containers can be waterproof by lining with a plastic bag.

Be certain to add a few drainage holes in the bottom to allow the soil to drain thoroughly after watering. If you line newspaper containers with plastic, please don’t plant them out directly, the plastic will not let the roots through in the same way as plain newspaper pots.


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