19 Gardening tips and hacks you should know

2. How to Grow From Seeds

I like to start my garden seedlings in natural topsoil. mostly don’t use potting soil because it doesn’t produce the results desired.

I fill a large, deep baking pan with topsoil and bake it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. This sanitizes the soil and guarantees that no undesired weeds or grass will come up in the soil. I like to start this project in the wintertime, I fill up some big plastic barrels with lids with the sanitized soil.

After I have planted the seeds in the sanitized topsoil, I sprinkle the top with powdered cinnamon. This keeps away fungus that can cause damping.

each seedling I cover with a clear plastic cup that I clean and reuse. This protects the seedling from the cold and wind. and keeps the moisture in.

If your seeds are planted outdoors, sprinkle flavored powdered gelatin with the seeds in the soil. This will help the beneficial bacteria and provide needed nitrogen to your plants as they come up.

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