garden maintenance

6 Garden Maintenance Tricks you need to know


you and I know that plants need water, but watering can be a bit tricky. Regular watering will deliver great results. You also should consider drip irrigation or a soaker tube, essentially if you have a big garden. it saves more than half of the water used by sprinkler systems and will guarantee that your plants are watered without the leaves getting soaked which will help limit disease issues.

You will know if you’ve overwatered if the soil throughout the plant stem is soaked. moss or mold developing on the top of your soil is another dead giveaway as the plant with yellowing, wilting or dead leaf margins.

limited watering has another set of symptoms: wilting of plants, brown or dead leaves, stunted growth.

Besides direct observation, just like all of us, you can also purchase a moisture meter to help measure whether roots are too wet or too dry.

If you’re watering recently planted seeds, be mindful to smoothly sprinkle water on them. Don’t use a torrent from a hose or a bucket that has enough force to falsely wash away seeds or get them to clump together. to know your soil…