grass clippings

here are 9 reasons Why You’ll never throw away grass clippings!

2. Compost

If you don’t fancy leaving them on the lawn, one of the most obvious ways to put grass clippings to good use in your garden is by composting them. Once you prepare and treat the clippings in the right manner, you’ll be able to recycle the nutrients from the grass in other areas of your garden.

A suitable fertilizer heap demands a blend of green and darker materials. Crisply cut grass is viewed as ‘green’, thus it should be offset by the expansion of some dark-colored material, similar to dry leaves, branches, twigs or paper.

While including crisp grass clippings, make a point to transform the grass into the heap to improve air circulation and anticipate compaction.

On the other hand, it is advised to leave the grass clippings to dry out entirely and turn darker when, obviously, they are viewed as dark-colored material!