9 reasons why you will never throw grass clipping again

8: Animal Feed

Grass clippings can help to make silage for cattle feed. Some tests have discovered that silage made from recent clippings has a protein content of 18.2percent, and digestible matter content of 68percent, much higher than hay, which typically averages a digestible matter content of about 59percent.

keep in mind, to feeding cattle, grass clippings may be a viable supplementary food source for sheep. the

conclusion from several studies indicates that grass clippings can be effectively and safely utilized as

inexpensive, renewable feed sources for these woolly creatures. Even if you don’t have animals yourself, check if your local farm owners or your neighbors would be keen on using your grass clippings for their cattle and sheep.

note: we shouldn’t use grass clippings that have been in contact with  chemicals to feed animals.

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