19 Awesome gardening ideas for beginners

Growing your own food at home has seen a wave in popularity in the last years as it includes three huge trends: saving money, eating clean, and knowing exactly where your food comes from.

Whether you’re in love with homegrown organic veggies or are simply looking to reduce your food bill. this list of gardening ideas are for beginners and advanced

so here is a list of 19 gardening ideas that will save you money and timeā€¦

1.Raised Beds

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Raised beds are a great way to have your vegetable garden presented in your backyard. It looks beautiful, landscaped, and functional; you could grow all types of vegetables in each planter.

For example, you could plant lettuces in one planter and root vegetables in another and so on.

This method of separating your vegetables in different planters will help you focus on different types of plant food on specific types of vegetables to help them get the nutrients they need and improve their growth.

The raised beds shown here are bordered with wooden planks, keeping your vegetables to their own area and ensuring your yard remains neat and tidy.

2.Yard Sale Pots