21 modern garden ideas you should know

These modern garden ideas are the key to a view you’ll love for years. From the shape of your lawn to landscaping, modern garden ideas, decorating with ornaments and Small space solutions, try this list of modern garden ideas to transform your outdoor place.

modern garden ideas

so here are 21 awesome modern garden ideas you should try today …

1. Get your lawn into modern garden shape

take a look at your garden and the biggest shape you’ll see is your lawn. If it’s a good shape, it will set the entire space on a smooth track. keep in mind, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a rectangle! Try an oval, circle, square or oblong shape. For a perfect cut, why not try the compact, lightweight and cordless Bosch Isio Shape and Edge Set, perfect for cutting bushes, small-leafed hedges and lawn edges with up to 50 minutes runtime.

2.Plan your planting