9 things to consider when you are planting in a window box

with those healthy gardening tips you can get your own botanique garden without relaying on any online gardening services.

you can even become gardening 3d designer with some easy garden maintenance that you would enjoy on your road to have the gardener landscaping

While window boxes are excellent for providing curb appeal to any home, they are also perfect for apartment dwellers who want to liven up a dull window and show off a green thumb. The standard-bearers of versatility, window boxes can be positioned outside a window, on a deck or balcony, and even indoors. And nothing that grows is off-limits—plants, herbs, flowers, even vegetables!
Boxes overflowing with foliage provide a beautiful and natural look. Just be sure to think about the care needs of your plants and flowers before filling the boxes. Simple care needs and a combination of cascading colors will result in an eye-catching window box. Here’s how to do it: