self-sufficient garden

9 tips to start being more self-sufficient in vegetable

self-sufficient in vegetable

The first year I decided to develop a self-sufficient garden, I caused some huge mistakes.

First, I studied the seed catalog on an empty belly. All the yummy information made me purchase so many varieties that weren’t suitable to grow in our climate. Now, I browse the seed catalogs after dinner!

Second, I decided to grow everything I would usually purchase. Supermarket produce is notoriously bland. However, the sheer variety of veggies is difficult to duplicate in a home backyard. I immediately understood that I needed to grow for my climate and seasons instead.

Third, I didn’t consider the harvest timing. Excellent heirloom, indeterminate tomatoes produce over an extended duration rather than maturing at once. So I had to do little quantities of sauce all summertime. Also, what did I think I was going to do with 1150 P of watermelon in a week?

After growing vegetables all wrong, I’ve fine-tuned my studies. I also learned that there are some key differences when planting for self-sufficiency rather than only for pleasure

So here are 9 tips to start being more self-sufficient in vegetable


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