Focusing on Quality over Quantity

The proportions of your portions
Every vegan’s body and metabolism are different. Some people feel better
eating three regular meals a day, while others do better with five or six
smaller, more frequent meals. If you sit in a chair all day, you may digest food
slower and feel fine with three regular meals. If you have a more physical job,
you can benefit from more frequent, smaller meals that will replenish your
blood sugar and help you avoid an overly-full feeling. Give yourself a chance
to experiment with both eating styles to see which method works best for
you and your lifestyle. Pay attention to the total quantity of foods you consume
with three meals a day versus more frequent, smaller meals.
Gauge your energy levels throughout the day and notice if you feel better
with a small snack before or after lunch. Try a protein-rich snack of nuts or
hummus with carrots in the morning and fresh fruit in the afternoon. If your
body doesn’t respond well to those foods at those times of day, switch them
Choosing a variety of plant-based foods provides you with all the nutrition
you need! Make sure you’re choosing protein, complex carbohydrates, and
mineral-rich ingredients for each meal. This variety of whole and fresh food
will protect your long-term health.