9 reasons why you will never throw grass clipping again

a proper lawn maintenance gets you the grass which makes chilling outside in the summer an ecperience. But what should you do with the grass clippings after mowing? Leave them on the lawn? Start a compost pile?

These lawn mowing tricks about grass clippings will help fine everything up so you can enjoy your lawn

The Environmental Protection Agency says wastes from your yard account for 18% of the refuse that we dump into landfills. rising to 50% during the growing season!

Approximately 75% of this waste comprises grass clippings (circa 1,500 pounds annually), with the remainder being leaves and limbs.

Given that landfills are starting to run out of capacity/space, and many have banned grass clippings anyway. don’t you think its about time we put our grass clippings to better use and step up our gardening skills?

What Are Grass Clippings?
Grass clippings are the grasses that are left behind in a grass catcher by your mower when you cut your lawn. Grass clippings are short pieces when you mow your lawn following the one-third rule “never mow more than (one-third) height off of your grass in a one mowing session”.

If you ignore your mowing responsibilities, grass clippings can be longer.

So here are 9 Amazing ideas to use grass clippings you probably never heard or thought of…