How To Change Hydrangea Colors – Pink, Blue & Purple

How To Change Hydrangea Colors – Pink, Blue & Purple


You want a specific flower color on your hydrangeas. Do you have to buy them that way, or can you change them yourself? Learn how to change hydrangea colors: easy yet so gorgeous!!!

Hydrangeas are a very beautiful plant and one reason they are so popular in gardens is that they have the unique ability to change a variety of colors. The color of the flowers that bloom on these bushy plants can take on many shades of red, blue, pink, purple, white, and more.

First, it’s important to know that hydrangeas can change color on their own, based on the conditions and pH levels of the soil they are planted in.

If you really want to control the color of yours, you will do better if they are planted in pots. When you have container hydrangeas, you have much more control over the condition of the soil. This makes it easier to control the colors. It doesn’t mean you can’t change the color of hydrangeas that are planted in the ground; it just means it can take more work.

When hydrangeas are planted or transplanted, they will often…

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