Transforming Food into Supportive Meals

Whether you’re converting to veganism straight from the standard
American diet heavy with meat, dairy, and refined processed foods,
or you’ve been a vegetarian for years, you can bolster your health-sustaining
vegan diet with a little knowledge and planning. You don’t need to keep a
food log or start making charts of percentages and proportions to ensure
that your diet is truly whole and nutritious. Transforming your diet to include
healthy ingredients and simple methods of preparation ensures that you
won’t feel limited or deprived!
My love of food started in my mother’s garden when I was just a wee lass.
I was given free range to gobble up ripe raspberries and pick all the sweet
peas I could eat, so healthy food is ingrained in my brain as joyous and natural.
Nothing tastes better than food from your own garden, freshly picked and
perfectly ripe. This kind of energy can be re-created through every season in
any region of the world.
Nourishing your body with vegan food is a great start — but focusing on
health-supportive recipes and ingredients can affect every aspect of your
mind, body, and mood. If you want real health, great energy, and long-lasting
stamina, choose foods wisely. In this chapter, I show you how natural, plantbased
foods do more than just stop the rumbling in your tummy. I explain
how the quality of your food is even more important than the quantity, and I
help you begin to get in touch with your body’s cravings and deepest needs.