11 Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy

How to Keep Your Garden Healthy with no garden maintenance companies

Garden maintenance might be fun but one of the most mystifying things that can happen to your garden is when a plant gets sick. How can I get rid of it?  Will it spread? Will all my plants die? How did it happen? The most important thing to understand about disease prevention is something called the disease triangle. The disease can only happen when three things coincide: you have a plant that can get sick “a host”, a pathogen “like a fungus, bacterium, or virus”) that can attack the plant and environmental conditions “like humidity or drought” that promote the disease. If anyone of these things is not present, the disease will not happen, so prevention involves knocking out at least one side of the triangle. Rather than waiting for a problem to pop up in your garden, consider the best defense against disease to be a good offense

If you have a gardening hack we haven’t listed, be sure to share it in the comments section.

SO HERE ARE 11 Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy…


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